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May 17, 2012
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Death Adder Mech (Warhawk II) by Mecha-Zone Death Adder Mech (Warhawk II) by Mecha-Zone
This unofficial mech was commissioned by dm5k. He has provided some stats and background history as well. Enjoy!

Brief history - After years of successful battles with the Blood Asp mech, Khan Stanislov N’Buta gave the go ahead to produce a 2nd line assault mech based on the Blood Asp’s A configuration. Star Adder scientists named this mech Death Adder after the Terran snake and to show Star Adder pride and power. Some mechwarriors call this design a “Warhawk II” because of similar equipment. This mech was first seen in 3068, late in the invasion of Clan Blood Spirit’s capitol world York. Two experimental Death Adders were available for testing alongside other 2nd line mechs and Corona battle armor. Proving to be deadly against Spirit land and air enemies, one was destroyed however when the Blood Spirits made a coordinated counter attack with the help of their newly won Snow Raven Zeta Galaxy. By 3072 every Star Adder galaxy has at least a few Death Adders mixed in with assault stars. Trade agreements within the formed snake alliance found this mech in limited numbers with the Steel Vipers and Cloud Cobras as well. Highly prized for its accurate firepower and battlefield sustainability, Death Adders are only assigned to high ranking officers, skilled and proven gunnery pilots, and ristar mechwarriors.

- 100 Tons
- 4 ER PPCs (2 In Each Arm)
- 3 Medium Pulse Lasers (2 In Left Torso, 1 In Head)
- Targeting Computer (Right Torso)
- Max Speed: 54kph
- 27 Double Heatsinks
- Maximum Armor For Its Weight Class
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What did you do with the remaining 2 tons? There isn't any room for more armor or more equipment unless you use a standard engine, and then you're overweight by more than 7 tons.
Mecha-Zone Dec 31, 2012  Professional General Artist
Don't ask me. I clearly stated in the post notes that I did not do the stat design.
Looks like a fairly tough mech, but I know I wouldn't want to pilot it. High-heat energy weapons always make me a bit uncomfortable, so I've got a bit of a preference for loading a mech down with Ultra AC-2s and teaching mechs with bigger guns a lesson in humility.

Still, very solid design. The wedge-shaped upper torso definitely works well for this one.
Quadruple AC-2s are evil.

UAC-2s must be a pain to use though. Jamming is a bitch.
Yeah, they can bugger up occasionally, but they still usually work well enough for me.
Still, a light weapon like an AC-2 is no biggy. Four of them are evil. I swear I get peppered by machine gun fire in cannon size flavour in MWO.
Mmh. I have yet to actually play MWO, unfortunately.
It's pretty good, if time consuming when trying to save up to get the good stuff.
Another PPC boat but a good looking one!
draenei-friend Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love laser boat mechs! XD
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