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Check out my new art book!!!

Thanks to everyone who has already purchased my new art book, MECHA ZONE 2.
Mecha Zone 2 art book by Mecha-ZoneNY comic con - anime fest 2010 by Mecha-Zone

It is surprising how many of my watchers haven't heard of the book so I am going to do my best to get the word out.

You can buy the book RIGHT NOW!!!! JUST GO TO MY WEB SITE >> <<

The facts!
- you can only order it from me. I haven't made it available in any stores or on Amazon. Why? Because they take too much of the profit!!! It is extremely expensive to print a book like this and I need to make my money back. How can I do that if the stores take 75% of the money???
- The book is awesome! OK, so that is a biased opinion, but so far I have received 100% positive feedback.
- It is a hardcover book with 112 full color pages.
- It has the most awesome mecha drawing tutorial EVER! Again, that's just my opinion but it is really cool :D
- There are 24 robot designs in the book along with all the concept art and sketches used to make those designs.
- I will ship worldwide.

And some sample pages:
Mecha Zone 2 sample 01 by Mecha-Zone Mecha Zone 2 sample 02 by Mecha-Zone

Commissions Q & A

:star:Commission status: CLOSED as of 010/01/2012
:star:Current # of active Commissions: 2 as of 10/08/2012

Q: Do I take commissions?
A: Rarely. I only take a few commissions every once in a while.

Q: What are my rates?
A: I have two tiers. Original designs and existing mechs. I charge less to draw an existing mech because it is less work for me. Here are my rates...

Basic Existing Mecha Design
$60.00 USD via paypal
What you get: 1 view, black and white. Based on an already existing mecha design. This is for personal use only so you can't use it for your upcoming product release. You provide me with reference and I add a little bit of my own flair to it. Drawing will be sketchy and the media is my choice (pen, pencil, marker, etc...) I'll mail you the original art. US shipping is included, but international shipping is extra.
Example: SOM prize for Jepray by Mecha-Zone

Pro Existing Mecha Design
$125.00 USD via paypal
What you get: 1 view, super clean lines black and white with basic shading based on an already existing mecha design. You provide me with reference and I add a little bit of my own flair to it. I keep the original art and give you some high quality prints along with a 300 dpi digital file. You can get the original art for an additional $40.

Original Mecha Design
$175.00 USD via paypal
What you get: 1 view, black and white with basic shading based on whatever details and inspiration you provide. I keep the original art and give you some high quality prints along with a 300 dpi digital file. You can get the original art for an additional $40.
Example: Freelance Mech: Bogen 1 by Mecha-Zone

Q: What is your working process?
A: I provide a rough pose sketch after you give me all the reference. You can make comments and then I do the real drawing. You can make final comments after that, but nothing that requires massive re-work.

Q: How to contact me?
A: Please inquire with a note for the sake of privacy.


Hey everyone, sorry for being absent for so many months. I got a 3D printer and I've been obsessed with it. I've been making a lot of custom toys and I've also been trying to sketch more. I participated in the October "Inktober" sketch event on Instagram. I had a BLAST. I'll be participating in the MARCH of ROBOTS sketch event that starts tomorrow and I'm really excited about that! It's also on Instagram. Here's a link to my profile so you can check out my daily drawings... or you can search for the hashtag #marchofrobots

I will be selling a limited number of my 3D printed mecha toys next weekend. This mecha is called the Hammerhead. It's a fully articulated 2.5" action figure. Each figure is made on my printer and finished by hand. They are made of ABS plastic. Here's a link to my store if you want to check out more details and pricing.
Hammerhead Toys by Mecha-Zone

Thanks everyone and cheers!


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RyugaSSJ3 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
The best of the best that remained teh champion!
You've got some really rad stuff here man!
Karlosrolero Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter…

It doesnt do justice to the mini, but you can see the overall look. I hope you like my rendition :D (Big Grin)  I love your work man, you rock! Hug 
Onsanders Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You just gained a new watcher. I applaud your work, good sir.
Mann-of-LaMancha Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry, I'm not watching any premium members anymore because of google analytics.
Mecha-Zone Mar 19, 2014  Professional General Artist
I just saw a notice from DA about analytics, but I deleted it without reading it. So, I honestly don't know what you are talking about. Does it allow premium members to see info about you that you don't want them to know?
Mann-of-LaMancha Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, you should be able to open it and see for yourself how it allows you to track people visiting and how long they stay on each page and how many visit multiple pages, etc etc. My understanding, based on what other premium members were saying about the topic, is that it is auto-on and the "off switch" doesn't work yet. So...
Mecha-Zone Mar 20, 2014  Professional General Artist
Yeah I know all of that and I don't see the problem at all. I have Google Analytics for my web page and blog and store. You need a special account to actually access the data. Maybe DA has a deal with Google but you probably still need the account. It's pretty useful but harmless data and I don't think it shows actual names and addresses, etc...
Timotei-Robotics Mar 3, 2014  Student Artist
"very cool. I bought one pre-assembled but I have seen many people assemble them from kits. Good luck."

Thank you :)

I made a small simulation with maple. I would like to calculate the ideal parameters of the Reprap part.....

Here you can find:

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